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A tango inside Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Christian Abbott

I find that people learn how to dance tango best when they know exactly what their bodies need to do, and that's what I strive to communicate and demonstrate with students. One of my strengths in teaching is that I've experimented extensively with what makes tango movements work well, and know how to express those concepts clearly and concisely. My favorite moments are when a student I'm working with experiences a mental "a-ha!" after making a small adjustment that suddenly makes a movement flow beautifully.

For leaders, I emphasize how to put your attention into your partner's balance and movements, so that you can understand fundamentally how your own body movements affect your partner. We explore how to create a clear and direct lead which produces the most comfortable dance experience for the follower.

For followers, I emphasize how to use torsion and management of the unweighted leg to naturally respond to the directional energy and momentum given by the leader. This allows your dance to feel like a connected extension of your partner.

To get an idea of how I teach, you can read my tango blog, drop in on a class, or contact me here or by phone at 541-255-2155. Also, feel free to look for me at one of the Eugene tango events. I love to dance with new people, both beginners and experienced dancers.

For information on my current classes and workshops, or to inquire about private instruction, visit my tango page.

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Tango Fest 2017 Vinyl Milonga

Charles & Wella Augustine

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Noah Brenner

Both in Noah's dancing and teaching, the comfort of the connection, the expression of the music, and the freedom of creativity are of utmost importance. Technique is important, but only because it is a means to those ends.

Noah discovered Argentine tango in 2005 and immediately got hooked. In addition to the connection, creativity, and community it provided, it also greatly influenced his personal philosophy which he integrates into his teaching. Noah sees tango as a combination and refinement of completely natural elements already existing in each person: We walk, we are moved by music, and we communicate non-verbally.

Noah teaches a weekly introductory tango class in addition to private lessons and group classes. You can often find him out on the dance floor – every chance he can get. | (541)687-5861 |

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Marisela Rizik

The moment I walked into my first tango class in Eugene in 1999, I knew I wanted to be a tango dancer. I traveled to Buenos Aires in 2000 to further my tango studies and have returned almost every year since then, trying each time to permeate the elusive essence of tango dancing  its music and its culture.

I bring to my teaching years of training with many of the best teachers in Argentina. I also bring my imagination as a fiction-published writer, my knowledge as a Spanish language teacher and years of training and studies in physical movement.

Tango is a unique dance with properties I have not found in any other dance, it is an encompassing journey that keeps me challenged and wanting for more. My goal as an instructor is to bring that magical and contagious feeling that make dancing tango so engaging to me.

In Eugene, my hometown, I organize weekly social dancing (milongas) teach group and private lessons and perform occasionally. I also have been organizing groups to dance in Buenos Aires. 
 Questions, please contact me at: 541-485-6647