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Dancing and Music

Tango DJ
Discographies and great information about building a collection of tango music.

Tango Trance
Dan Boccia's website in Alaska and contains his very thorough "Guide to the Orchestras".

Tango Argentino de Tejas
Stephen Brown's website and contains a guide to tango music, many tango articles and lots of great information about music, the community and the role of the DJ.


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Eugene tango web sites

Eugene Tango
Eugene's longest running web site. But you're already here!

The Tango Center
Web sit of the now closed Tango Center. It sure was fun while it lasted!

Eugene Milonga
The Eugene Milonga website is a calendar of Argentine Tango Milongas and classes in the Eugene and Springfield area.

Eugene Tango Yahoo Group
The archival site for the e-tango mail list.

Oregon tango web sites

Portland Tango
Portland's fabulous tango web site!
Tango in the Big City!

Clay Nelson's Dance Studio
Clay Nelson is Oregon's premiere tango promoter. Check here for information on several major festivals in the Northwest and beyond.

Tango Berretin
Alex Kreb's web site for his Portland dance studio and events.

Bend Tango
Tango in the mountains!

Newport Tango
Tango on the coast!

Salem Tango
Tango in the valley!

Ashland Tango

Brookings - tango proteno
Tango in Brookings, Oregon


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