Eugene Tango


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Category: Music

Momo Smitt - Dance with a Pro (Eugene)
Momo Smitt performs his new song - Dance with a Pro in Eugene, Dec 2009
Category: Visiting Instructors

Homer and Christina
Homer and Christina Ladas at Studio B in Eugene Oregon, December 2009
Category: Local dancers and alumni

Momo Smitt Performs
Momo Smith from Ashland with his tango Rap. Alex Krebs, Korey Ireland, Homer Ladas, Jay Abling and Momo Smitt Perform "Tango World".
Category: Historical

Juan D'Arienzo
Juan D'Arienzo and his orchestra
Category: Local dancers and alumni

Olga and Rebecca
Olga and Rebecca at The Tango Center, 2005
Category: Visiting Instructors

Colette & Richard
Colette Hebert & Richard Council at The Tango Center