Eugene Tango

Music Articles List

Date Author Title Summary
01/27/2010 Rick Music to my Ears

A thought about what inspires us to dance.

01/25/2010 Pam Joffe and Vicki Ayers In Remembrance of Tete

Much beloved milongero, Tete, recently passed away. Here he is dancing to Canaro's Cara de Luna.

The lyrics follow in Spanish with English translation by Vicki.

01/12/2010 Pam Joffe and Jim Thurmond Better Know a Tango Orchestra - DeCaro/Pugliese

A summary from the “Better Know a Tango Orchestra” presentation Jim and Pam gave at the Sunday practica on 1/10/2010 in Eugene, Oregon


12/12/2009 Momo Smitt Momo Smith from Ashland with his tango Rap

Alex Krebs, Korey Ireland, Homer Ladas, Jay Abling and Momo Smitt Perform "Tango World".

08/04/2009 Clay Nelson You Just have to Have Good Music

Clay Nelson explains the importanc to community of having good, Golden Age tango music.

08/01/2009 Pam Joffe El Adios by Donato

Pam and Vicky describe the lovley tango "El Adios" by Donato.

11/19/1997 Ruddy Zelaya Mommy, May I Copy La Cumparsita?

Ruddy Zelaya's essay on copyright law relating to making tango compilations.