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Title: You Just have to Have Good Music
By: Clay Nelson - 08/04/2009

Clay Nelson explains the importanc to community of having good, Golden Age tango music.


You just have to have good music. Putting a stack of  tango CD’s on and hitting the random button doesn't cut it. If your community is new, it will take time for good tango DJ’s to develop. In the meantime, do your best, educate yourself, and play what you think is good tango dance music. Also, you must play tandas and cortinas (3 songs at most for beginners)—but not necessarily at the practicas.

OK, you’re not all going to agree with me on this one. From many years of organizing tango festivals, from many years of observing and attending other peoples tango communities and festivals, and from many visits to Buenos Aires, it is my belief and observation that to have a successful community you must promote and develop a community that is absolutely, insanely and madly in love with dancing close embrace tango to 30’s, 40’s and 50’s golden age traditional music—not because that is what I love the most, but because it is the linkage between this style of dancing and this particular music that makes tango so addictive. Furthermore, I base this claim on my experience as a former dance studio owner and teacher of a dozen different ballroom dances—none of which can compare nor compete with the emotional passion, connection, and exuberance one experiences from improvisational close embrace tango.