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If you use to see what's happening in the Eugene tango community (and beyond), there is no need to be a member. There are a few other reasons why you might like to be a member:

Tango Instructor: If you are a local tango instructor you may list a profile and photo in our Instructors section. Instructors are listed alphabetically by last name. When you are logged in, you can edit your own profile and photo! The Instructor section is currently reserved for only Eugene area teachers.

Event Host: If you host tango events such as milongas, practicas, classes or special events, as a host member you may list your event. Events may have an expiration date so they will automatically disappear from the event list when no longer needed. As a host, you have complete control over any events you post. You may edit or delete them. They will also be retained after their expiration date should you wish to reactivate them. Foe example, if you have an irregular special event and don't need a whole new entry each time you wish to post it.

Event listing is restricted to the Eugene area. Events will be listed in the order: special events, (regular) milongas, practilongas, practicas and classes.

In most cases, an instructor would probably also be a host but this is not required.

Membership is free. You need only e-mail me at and I will set you up. I just need to verify that you are an actual local instructor, host or local photographer. This is not a high security operation. I just don't want to open the site up to people that will post spam we don't want to see.