Special Events
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Regular Milongas


Every fourth Saturday to dance Argentine tango at Milonga  Amore 420 West 12th. Avenue.

8-11 pm dancing

Music: Traditional argentine Tango.


Organized by Marisela, George and a great team.



Fifth Saturday Milonga    (by Lia)

Fifth Saturday Milonga!!


Note:  The October 31st milonga is being cancelled due to the corona virus.  Please stay safe and wear your masks!

Please join us for Argentine Tango from 8 - 11 PM on the fifth Saturdays of the month (it happens about 4 times per year when we aren't sheltering at home). 

We will have all the best traditional music! 

The Knights of Pythias hall, upstairs in studio B.

420 W 12th Ave in Eugene, OR

For more information, call Lia at 541-543-7739.

Bailonga    (by Greg)

Tuesday Bailonga

Every Tuesday
Alternative and Traditional Tango Music
Beginner and Intermediate class every week

Visit our website for more info: www.bailonga.org

This Week’s Event

For health & safety reasons, Bailonga has been canceled until we are notified that it is safe to re-open. Please check calendar for updates.  


  • 7:00PM - Beginning and Intermediate lessons
  • 7:45–10:00PM - DJ
Intermediate teacher: N/A
Lesson topic: TBD
Beginner teacher: N/A
Lesson topic: N/A
Music: 50/50 Alternative and Traditional
Confirm on Facebook: N/A
Location: Upstairs Ballroom at the Vet’s Club, 1626 Willamette Street Eugene, Oregon
Cost: $7 – $10 (Cash or check only)
Volunteer: 30-minute desk shift gets you in free!
Parking: To the left of Vet’s club building or nearby street parking.
Accessibility: The Vet’s club’s ramp is on the front-right corner of the building. There is an elevator directly to the right once inside the main entrance.

Click here to read Bailonga’s payment policies

Tue 21-Sep-2021   CANCELLED
Tue 28-Sep-2021   CANCELLED

La Milonguita (Dancing & Practicing)    (by Marisela)

Dancing Every Sunday  at 420 West 12

5-7 PM

Traditional music dj'd by Marisela

$5. ( no partner necessary)


420 West 12th. avenue, corner of Lawrence and 12th. 

Classes: (No partner necessary)

  • 4-5pm. Sundays- on going. A monthly theme
  •  Monthly paid  on first Sunday of the month $50 or $60 $15 drop in
  • 3-4Sundays.
  • $50 or $60 paid on the first Sunday of the month or $15 drop in
  • Classes & Milonguita held at 420 West 12th..
  • Call or e.mail before attending

Additional info. Please e.mail me at Mrizik@aol.com

or 485-6647

Follow Marisela's tango blog at http://marisela-tangoadventures.blogspot.com/


  1. www.Mariselarizik.com

Regular Practicas

     None, at the moment.
TangoTools Seminars: Ready for extra flavors?    (by Marisela)


TangoTools Seminars & PRACTICA
Twice a month on the first and second Fridays of the month. An opportunity to push your current level and a chance to practice what you have.

 Tangotools 7-8pm with or without partner.
The practica: 8-9pm  open to anyone. 

TangoTool $15.000 attend free the practica if you have attended the class.
Practica alone: $5.00.
As usual . Please verify that the event has not been canceled by calling or emailing.
 541-485-6647 or email 



Twice a month on a Friday, I will share my take on the many tools  for dancing and understanding tango that I have acquired through more than 17 years of researching, dancing and teaching tango.
Each year, in my trip to Buenos Aires I make  a list of accomplished tango dancer whom teaching approach I want to check.
While many of the tango concepts are the same, the tools and techniques that each accomplished dancer  use  to explain their brand of tango, in most cases, seem diametrically opposed to the equally skillful tango dancer next door.  No wonder why there is tango war in many communities, but then that happens in any religion, politics and other human field. 
My idea for these seminars is not to change your mind about your tango or whatever style you most favor, but to open up to new additions that may enrich what you already possess. 
I will work with concepts and exercises that I own because they make sense to me and I have integrated them  in my dance or have tested their efficacy dancing with many partners.  
Come and give it a try, it may add that little extra for you and your partner enjoyment.
At 420 West 12th.
Here a taste of the concepts that we will be exploring: 
  • How to get more vocabulary into your dancing the painless way: Foot chasing and creative geometric.
  • How  to get the ahhhh feelings from the guy and the girl. The embracing lab.
  • I want to dance too- The follower inner confession and the guy's puzzle look: What do you mean?
  • Find the music in unusual places! ticky, ticky
  • And more, more... guarantee to have a fun and fulfilling experience. The concepts above are in not particular order.
Additional info. or to preregister call:
541-485-6647 or email at mrizik@aol.com

Intermediate Tango    (by Marisela)

Tango Intermediate: Who can join?

 If you have completed at least 60 hours of Argentine tango trainning. Must show proficiency in basic movements such as: front and back ochos, giros milongueros, ocho cortado, basic understanding of tango musicality and navigation.

Sundays 4-5 pm

Ongoing with specific theme chosen at the beginning of the month.
$50.00 paid on the first Sunday of the month $60.00 if the month has 5 Sundays
$15 drop-in


Call 541-485-6647 or email mrizik@aol.com to register or form more information.


Follow Marisela's tango blog at http://marisela-tangoadventures.blogspot.com/  or www.mariselarizik.com

Beginning Tango    (by Marisela)

 Classes at 420 west 12th

Note: Please call or e.mail before attending. 


 3-4 pm on Sundays


Emphasis on posture and connection to make your transitions smooth. Learn the fundamental patterns needed to step into more elaborate movements.

Monthly paid at the beginning of the month $50 or $60 if the month has 5 Sundays. $15 drop-in

 Privates and group lessons

Call 541-485-6647 or email mrizik@aol.com to register or for more information. Follow Marisela's tango blog at http://marisela-tangoadventures.blogspot.com/ or www.mariselarizik.com

420 West 12th.